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Leibrock W 40-AN

Machine type:
W 40-AN
crimping machine
Vamp moulding machine. With this machine any kind of leather can be moulding to the requested profile withoutforming wrinkles. The moulding result wetherflat or steep is determinated by the width of the crimping forms. The crimping forms are made of aluminium, which are teflon or silicone coated. In orderte obtain an Optimum working result, the lateral jaws have been made of teflon plates which effects, that the leather slides well and no damages will occur. However, whenever a steep moulding bow shall be obtained, our holding-down device, supplied äs special accessory, should be used, to avoid wrinkles. As the temperatureis mostimportantduring the moulding process, crimping forms and lateral jaws are heated, the temperatureis electronically adjustable and indicated by luminous figures.The machine issuppliedwithone moulding tool per working Station, digital heatcontrolof the moulding tools, electrictimeadjustment, pressure regulation for holding and moulding process, speed regulation valvesfor the moulding process, automatic stroke limitation and a special table with markings for the exact laying of parts and an emergency switch. The machine is available äs single or twin Station machine. For the conditioning of the material we recommend our mulling unit D 34 S, which is working satisfactorily in many factories.
2-stations, pneumatic
Technical details:
complete with connecting voltage 380V, with heating- and time control
Application area:
for vamps