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Leibrock WA-SCH 3

Machine type:
crimping machine for finished uppers
Crimping machine for the finished upper. This system enables wrinkle-free and distortion-free crimping of uppers from sandals and pumps to boots made out of different materials. A further advantage is the fact, that the lining in the uppers will be crimped free of wrinkles, too. If a more flat or a steeper crimping shape is desired it is not necessary to change the crimping tool. Only some adjustments have to be made on the machines. Serial equipment of the machine: crimping tool, movable upper crimping form enables rapid and exact put-in of the uppers, unit for fixing the uppers,?pressure adjustment with the help of pressure gauge and regulating valve for crimping process,?time adjustment for crimping process,?electronic heating regulation for crimping mould. Additionaly we offer for extra charge a pincer pull unit for single parts and a light projector unit for exact fixing of the uppers.
2-stations, pneumatic
Technical details:
complete with connecting voltage 380V, with heating- and time control
Application area:
for the finished uppers